Eighteenth Century Charm…

The Borsarella in Mondovì, which dates back to the 18th century, takes its name from the original owners of the ancient farmstead the Counts Borsarelli of Rifreddo. It has been almost entirely conserved after being restored and amplified in 1826, following the Napoleonic tempest, during which Napoleon Bonaparte’s Horse Captain, General Stengel, was mortally wounded in a battle in the nearby fields between Tetto Cassanio and St. Paul’s Chapel on 22 April 1796.

… in a modern style

Careful and meticulous conservation and restoration work brought the building back to its original charm: its internal rooms, its facilities and its furnishings create a unique, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The panorama is breathtaking: La Borsarella and its park, wrapped in the embrace of the Maritime Alps, offer a fabulous spectacle at any moment of the day. The illuminated external park, covering more than 50 square metres, with its flowers, trees, small lake and fountain is a little corner of paradise.

The internal spaces have been planned to offer maximum liberty on any occasion

  • 4 reserved rooms for à la carte service
  • 1 large, ground floor reception room with exposed brick vaulted ceilings
  • 1 large, first floor reception room, originally the hay loft, with enormous windows and an enchanting view
  • 1 large meeting room for Company Meetings
  • 1 room reserved for children
  • Air conditioning throughout

Outdoors, between April and September, there is a large dehor, immersed in greenery and nestled in the sweeping arc of the Alps: a well equipped area where you can dine, enjoy an aperitif, dance and listen to music.

Children, at La Borsarella, are guests of honour: they can enjoy a baby sitting service, play park, animation and a special menu: fun is guaranteed.